Making the Switch

This is not my first foray into blogging, but it IS my first time having a website address that doesn’t include the word “blog” in it somewhere. Fancy, right? I tend not to blog much, but since I’ve started writing patterns, I wanted to look a tiny bit more professional and have a real website address to include in my patterns. {Sidebar: I should mention that “writing patterns” thus far includes ONE pattern only. Another one is underway but it has been since the summer, soooo….we’ll see.}

I guess a true professional would switch all of her old posts over to this blog, but I’m not sure if I’m quite that professional. Or maybe I am, but time is a factor. So is being 39 (!) and having grown up in the pre-internet era. This WordPress business is kinda confusing. And let’s be honest, I’m pretty much just writing this filler post so there’s something for my mom to read when she dutifully visits my new blog someday. She’s sweet like that.

So, welcome to my new blog! Hopefully this is the permanent home for Peony and Fern, as long as Peony and Fern exists. 2019 should be an exciting year with my second pattern, more improv quilts, and more pillows!

The pattern that I’ll hopefully write in 2019!