Kona Color Card

Until about a year ago, I wasn’t brave enough to sew with solid colored fabric. I had a variety of silly reasons, but finally gave solids a shot and instantly fell in love. Now I use Kona solids almost exclusively because I love the quality of the fabric and variety of colors. But if you’re like me and do the majority of your fabric shopping online, you’ve probably found that it can be hard to tell just what the color you’re ordering looks like in real life.

That’s where the Kona Color Card comes in handy. It has a small swatch of all 340 colors available, and I refer to mine all the time. The only problem is the colors are arranged in a kind of weird order, and it’s hard to visualize them next to other colors, so there’s really only one solution…cut it up! 

Unfortunately I did this a few months ago, so I didn’t take pictures while I was doing it, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. I opted to use an older cutting matting and a rotary cutter blade that I was on the verge of replacing, since cutting it up with scissors sounded too time consuming. I wouldn’t recommend using a brand new mat or blade for this project, or they’ll quickly get ruined!

There are so many good ways to store your color swatches once they are cut up, but I chose to display mine so that I could use them whenever I wanted to. Plus I needed to fill up the walls in my sewing room, so I purchased two Umbra Metal Bulletin Boards and some adhesive magnets and got to work. The magnets were a bit big, so I cut them in half and stuck them on the back of the swatches. I don’t display all of the swatches, but I have two boards in case I ever want to display all 340.

It’s been so handy having them like this. I can fiddle with different color combinations and it makes for pretty cheerful wall decor! I’ve seen other quilters punch holes in them and hang them on hooks, or keep them all on a large ring like paint chips. My extra ones are stored in an old plastic thread holder (from my cross stitch days), so that’s another storage option if you’re not interested in displaying them. No matter what, don’t be afraid to cut up fabric swatches! After all, they’re meant to be used.

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