My Sewing Room

I have shared pictures of my sewing room on Instagram before, but I’ve never really had a chance to really share a full “Before and After” of the room, so I think this is the perfect place to do that! I personally love to look at pictures of how rooms and houses change, and it’s not often that it’s actually my house that underwent the change, so you can imagine my excitement to share! Unfortunately I don’t have many good pictures from its prior state since I never expected to be able to redo it as much as we did. Please enjoy this (blurry) attempt at a panoramic picture of the room from a few months before the changes began!

This room was initially our dining room, but it was simply never used. We have a room right by the kitchen which fits a table plenty big enough for our family, so having a big table in this room was just a waste. It’s a beautiful room and for it to barely be used was a shame, so I slowly started moving in…and taking over! When we found out we were expecting our son, the room that had been the junk and storage/sewing room was turned into his room, so I was “forced” to move into the dining room officially. Rough life, I know.

Even though I was thrilled to have my own sewing room, things felt cramped with the giant table taking up all the room, and it was so dark for a spot with so many windows. The dark cabinets and table, plus the paint color just did not do the room any favors. I had always hoped to update the cabinets, and had been slowly (slowly, slowly) saving my pennies, so just a few months before our son was born, I ordered new cabinets. To make life more interesting, they arrived and were installed right after he was born…that was a busy week!

After the cabinets were up, things all fell into place. The cabinets were bigger than the previous ones, so I was able to store a lot more in them, and clear off the table. We had paint leftover from sprucing up our main floor walls, and extended that color into the sewing room. We also had the doors removed and it looks even more open without them! The dining table and chairs were sold, and I added a smaller table, two chairs, a bookcase, and best of all, my rug which reminds me of a quilt. As I’ve shared in the past, I’ve also been adding decorations to the wall, notably in the form of my Kona Color Card board and a wall hanging I made specifically for the spot. I’m hoping to add even more someday but for now, the room is functional and pretty, and such a lovely spot to sew. All told it took about 3 years for the room to go from “Before” to “After”, but that makes me appreciate the room so much more. I feel very lucky to get to work here every day.

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