Wall Hangings for the Lazy

A while back I made a wall hanging for my sewing room, and I absolutely love how it turned out! It’s adapted from the Sienna Burst pattern from Then Came June Patterns, and it fills up a big section of the wall. The only problem was that I had no interest in making a quilt sleeve for hanging it up, and not surprisingly, my “just hang it up with masking tape!” plan failed after a few days. Nothing is quite so sad as walking into your sewing room and seeing a quilt crumpled on the ground.

So I decided to do the smart thing and research alternate ways to hang quilts. Just kidding, I pitifully asked my Instagram friends for help, and boy did they deliver! I got incredible suggestions. A few top contenders were:

  • Command Strips (like masking tape, only better!)
  • Push pins (extra credit for clear or colors that coordinate with your fabric)
  • Regular quilting pins (even more discrete than push pins)
  • Sewing small loops on the back and hanging them on nails (less work than a sleeve for sure)

However the answer that most intrigued me came from CR Creations Shop (@crcreationsshop on Instagram). She suggested using command hooks and nails which sounded sturdy and easy. I decided to be even lazier and simply use some safety pins I had on hand. This was completely trial and error, but it worked perfectly the first time, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this excellently lazy method.

The theory is that you’ll hook the safety pins on the back of the quilt (I did it through the binding since it’s thicker) and then put the nail through the hole of the safety pin. My wall hanging isn’t too wide, so I used 4 safety pins–one in each corner and two others spaced out in the middle. I took a few quick pictures in case you’re having a hard time visualizing how it works!

<—The nail through the safety pin, practicing for hanging!


My safety pin placement —>

Before I started hammering, I used a disappearing pen that I use for quilting and my quilt ruler to mark a line on the wall where I wanted the nails to be. The only slightly tricky part was hammering the nails in since I had to push the binding out of the way while also holding up the quilt. But the actual hanging took less than 2 minutes. Once all the nails were in, I wiggled the binding around a bit to make sure you couldn’t see the nails. They are completely hidden, exactly as I had hoped! If you have a wall hanging that needs hung up, I definitely recommend giving this method a shot. Let me know if you have any other tricks for wall hangings and I’ll add them to the list!

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