Triangulation Quilt

Once upon a time, I pulled together a beautiful color palette. I had no plans in mind for these colors, other than sewing with them immediately. And so, I began cutting. I cut some triangles and sewed them together. They were kind of wonky looking, so I panicked. Did I just waste all that time and fabric?!? I calmed down and trimmed them. Phew, much better. Then I sewed some together and made a pillow cover. And it looked really fun! So I decided to keep going and see what these triangles had in store for me.

It turns out there was a quilt in store! After appealing to Instagram for a name, Triangulation was born (thanks again to Anne Birkett for suggesting such a perfect name)! In about two weeks, I had a rough pattern done and had made a throw sized version, since that felt like the only way to confirm my math was correct. Thanks to a few hard-working testers, I got feedback within just a few weeks and now the pattern is available! This is my first actual quilt pattern–my first pattern was a pillow and the second was a mini quilt. This definitely took a lot more time to write and I feel more nervous about releasing it than my first two patterns…which is saying a lot because I was pretty nervous about both of them too! I feel like a lot of quilters are like me and have learned by trial and error, but I also know there are some “right ways” to do things and I’m pretty sure I don’t do any of them. So that’s typically the cause behind my nervousness. What if my weird way of doing things is annoying to my fellow quilters? What if the quilt police come and arrest me?!? I guess if they do, at least I’ll have a nice quilt to bring with me to quilt jail!

This pattern is definitely beginner friendly. I wouldn’t recommend it for your first quilt ever, since matching triangle points can get annoying and I wouldn’t want my quilt to turn someone off from quilting forever! But otherwise it’s pretty easy (although people will think you went through way more effort than you did!). The fabric cutting is very straightforward and you can chain piece the HRTs (half rectangle triangles) which cuts down on sewing time. The fabric requirements are below in case you’re making up your mind about which size to make. I hope you all enjoy Triangulation and I can’t wait to see what you make with this pattern!

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